Special Programs

The Los Berros Visual and Performing Arts Academy provides students with a rich learning opportunities through both arts integration and dedicated arts instruction within all five art domains - dance, theater, visual art, media art and music. A school-wide art focus promotes increased academic achievement, as well as supports students in meeting their social emotional and behavioral goals. 

All students participate in dedicated arts instruction as well as integrated instruction within their classroom. Beginning in third grade, students choose dedicated a electives taught by teacher specialists within the school. This model supports increased art instruction and appreciation, as well as a strong school community. Students in grades four through six also participate in year-long intensive electives in which they deepen their mastery and appreciation for the artistic domains in alignment with the California Arts Framework and Standards. 

In addition to arts instruction within the school, Los Berros Visual and Performing Arts Academy partners with community organizations and members to further enrich the art experiences of our students including the Children's Creative Project, Lompoc Mural Society, Lompoc Youth Theater, and Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation.